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Daily Look: Thursday




Blouse + Imitation Leather Pants + Ankle Boots

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Daily Look: Wednesday





Jacket + Turtleneck + Pants + Ankle Boots

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Daily Look: Tuesday




Blazer + Tank + Trouser + Heels

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Daily Look: Monday




Turtleneck + Pants

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iStick Pico + The Milkman

I was introduced to vaping a year and a half ago and I’ve been loving it ever since. Prior to vaping I was a fan of going to hookah bars and hookahing it up with my friends but now I’ll just carry my vape with me and vape wherever I go.  A couple months ago I had lost my vape at the bar and had to stop for a while because I couldn’t afford a new one.  When I recently took a mini vacation to Virginia Beach, I brought a new one since my mom said she would go half with me on the price.  Of course I fell in love with vaping all over again lol.  When I eventually run out of the vape juice, I had to make a quick run to the local vape shop in Maryland.  I was so excited to see that they got some new vape juice.  There was one vape juice that really stood out to me because the packaging was so cute.  The name of this particular vape juice is “The Milkman” and the vape juice is placed inside a little white milk carton box.  Its was sooooo cute and what I love best about it is that not only did the packaging look good but it tasted good too!!!

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The Household ItemThat Everyone Needs

If you haven’t gotten one already, you need to get one as soon as possible! I am the type of gal that doesn’t like to iron her clothes but I will if I have too.  I dislike the process of taking out the ironing board, unfolding the board, adding the water, setting the temperature, waiting for it to warm up, and finally ironing the clothes!  It’s just too much work for me so I figured I’d  try something else and brought a travel size steamer from

I had never used a steamer before in my life and wasn’t sure if the process was actually easier or harder than ironing my clothes. I was so excited to find out that the steaming process was much easier and took up less of my time.  I honestly haven’t used an iron since purchasing my steamer.  It has been a great investment and in the near future I plan on buying a bigger steamer that is even more user friendly than the travel size steamer that I have now.

Here are a few steamers that I recommend below.

Travel size steamer

traval 2.jpgtraval 1

Heavy Duty Steamer

heavy duty steamer

heavy duty steamer 1.jpg

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How To Build Your Own Closet

If you know me than you know that I am nowhere close to being a handyman but I do know how to work my area at whatever tasks I am trying to accomplish. Last year around my birthday my closet broke and of course I was absolutely devastated.  The thought of doing measurements and buying heavy duty equipment to put in a new closet just exhausted me so instead I decided to search for other options.  Once I started my search for this new closet, I honestly wasn’t sure what I was looking for exactly.  I just knew that I needed something to hang all my clothes on.  I figured the best place to begin my search was Ikea.  At first I wasn’t exactly finding anything that I wanted and everything that I did like was out of my price range or too bulky to put in my room.  Towards the end of my search, I happen to come across a very unique set.  It was a closet that consisted of little small units that could be built into whatever type of closet of your desire.  I fell in love with this set instantly, especially since it was so affordable.  I ended up buying 12 different units.  I used 6 of those units to replace my closet that broke and used the other 6 units to create a closet that stands against a wall in my room.  The process to put these 2 closets together was very easy and it didn’t take long to do.  I was very satisfied with the end results.

Below you will find a few pictures of my work.


You can find these units by clicking on the links below:

Frame with 3 wire baskets

Frame with clothes rail, white

Small wire Baskets

Large wire baskets

I also wanted to mention that these units can be built to look like whatever you desire.  This design just worked best for my closet.  It’s kinda similar to those LEGO toys all the kids like to play with considering that you can build it to look like whatever you want!

Here are some other designs below: