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The Household ItemThat Everyone Needs

If you haven’t gotten one already, you need to get one as soon as possible! I am the type of gal that doesn’t like to iron her clothes but I will if I have too.  I dislike the process of taking out the ironing board, unfolding the board, adding the water, setting the temperature, waiting for it to warm up, and finally ironing the clothes!  It’s just too much work for me so I figured I’d  try something else and brought a travel size steamer from

I had never used a steamer before in my life and wasn’t sure if the process was actually easier or harder than ironing my clothes. I was so excited to find out that the steaming process was much easier and took up less of my time.  I honestly haven’t used an iron since purchasing my steamer.  It has been a great investment and in the near future I plan on buying a bigger steamer that is even more user friendly than the travel size steamer that I have now.

Here are a few steamers that I recommend below.

Travel size steamer

traval 2.jpgtraval 1

Heavy Duty Steamer

heavy duty steamer

heavy duty steamer 1.jpg

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