70’s Vibes Clothing 

Clearly Forever 21 is my favorite place to shop because my jacket, pants, and boots are from there.  My crop top is From HM and I got my necklace from a flea market in Miami.


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Budget Friendly Jeans

My favorite place to buy a nice pair of affordable jeans is Forever 21.  Their jeans have always fit me perfectly.  I have always been the girl that is to lazy to get her clothes altered because it’s to much work.  I would rather have them fit perfectly as soon as I purchase them from the store.  Considering that I am only 5’4 and a little to lazy to get my jeans altered, my jeans always end up being too long but luckily at Forever 21 I never run into that issue.  Their jeans always fit every curve flawlessly and of course I don’t mind the fact that they only cost me nomore than $20. I don’t remember the exact price but I do know that they are an affordable pair of jeans that you can get on any budget.




The Modern Day Jewelry Box

One of my favorite places to shop is Amazon.  They literally have everything you can think of on their website.  In previous years I’ve always kept my jewelry in a large wooden jewelry box but I’ve always found it hard to locate items because everything is so cluttered.  I decided it was time that I invest in a new and improved jewelry box.  So of course I went onto amazon and started my search and came across the most amazing jewelry organizer!!!  It’s absolutely wonderful and I love the fact that I can easily locate every piece of jewelry.  It can also be hung anywhere that you desire in your home.  So if your looking for a modern day jewelry box just click on the link below.




Affordable Make-Up Brushes

I am a girl that loves a good beat but sometimes the brushes that us ladies use can be a little costly so I recently found a set of brushes on amazon that are both good and cost efficient.  These are premium synthetic kabuki  make-up brushes.  It comes with a total of 10 brushes which include 5 face brushes and 5 eyeshadow brushes.  My favorite thing about these brushes is that they have very soft bristles that goes smooth across your skin while applying make-up.  I also love the fact that this brush set is only $11.99.  I currently use these brushes and I absolutely love them all so if your looking for a great brush set at an affordable price than try these because you’ll love them.


Below is a link to the brush set.



Favorite boots For Winter

I absolutely love a pair of affordable and comfortable boots.  While in New York City for Christmas I ended up finding two great pairs of boots at Forever21 in Time Square.  When I first tried them on I knew it was love at first fit lol!  These shoes can be worn to work, dinner, a date, or even a night out with the girls.  My favorite thing about these shoes is that they fit my slightly wide foot perfectly!  Whenever I find a pair of shoes that fit, I have to buy them immediately and in every colors.  So that’s exactly what I did! I brought her twin sister too in the color gray and I’m thinking about adopting their other sister in camel brown lol.  Here’s a link to the shoes below.