How To Guide:  On learning how to use Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO in 1 day

When I first brought my first DSLR camera I had know idea how hard it was to take a great picture without knowing how to correctly work it and I definitely didn’t know how to take a picture in manual mode by utilizing some of the key functions which is aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.  When I first heard about these 3 functions it was like someone was speaking a different language to me.  I couldn’t understand nothing about this camera for the life of me.  I even went to a one day training class that was suppose to teach me how to use a DSLR camera and I still walked out of there clueless and confused.  I was so upset because I really wanted learn how to use my camera in manual mode.  I honestly gave up and just started taking pictures using the automatic function.

Until one day I was watching a YouTube video that displayed a picture of a visual aid that explained how to use aperture, shutter speed, and the ISO function on a DSLR camera.  I couldn’t believe that this even existed and I just knew there had to be more of these visual aids on Pinterest because of course Pinterest had pictures of everything.  So I immediately started my search and was happy to come across so many elaborate visual aids.  I started studying them all day and was shocked at how fast I was starting to understand all these key functions on my camera!  I even decided to pick up my camera and take a few pictures and the pictures were actually looking good and getting better and better the more I took pictures.  I was so excited.  These visual aids really did inspire me to start taking pictures again.  I even plan on going out and pratices some more.

Below are some visual aids that really helped me understand my DSLR camera.  Hopefully it will help you too!!!


Great Jackets for Spring

I like to always keep a variety of different jackets in my closet. Below you will find some of my favorite jackets for spring. Honestly the best thing about all these jackets it that I got them all under $50.








New Make Up

I recently wanted some new makeup products so a couple of weeks ago I started my search.  I specifically was looking for new concealer, eye brow pencil, eyeshadow primer, and MAC paint pot.


I started off my search by going to Ulta which is a store that sells a variety of fragrances, make up, and hair products.  They even have a hair salon located in the back of the store.  It’s an amazing place and honestly I was nervous that I might go over my budget but luckily I didn’t.  I probably spent an hour in there testing out different items before I finally decided to ask one of the employees for some help.  She recommended the Anastasia Beverly Hills concealer and boy was that a good recommendation.  I instantly fell in love with it because it had the creamy texture that I wanted.  It literally went on my face so smooth.  You only need a small amount to get a good coverage.

Eye Brow Pencil

Before finding my concealer at Ulta, I was playing around with Anastasia Beverly Hills eye brow pencils.  I was undecided between the brow wiz and brow definer but once I realized that the brow definer had an angled tip at the end of the pencil, I decided to go with that one.

MAC Paint Pot

My trip to the MAC counter was fairly easy, other than the fact that it was a million people waiting for assistance along with myself.  Finally I decided to ask one of the makeup artist to recommend a paint plot that she thought would look natural on my complexion but still highlighted my face.  She immediately recommended the shade “layin low” and once I had a look at the color, I knew it was meant for me.

Eyeshadow Primer

Lastly I wanted to talk about my easies purchase thus far which was my eyeshadow primer at The Cosmetic Store and yes that is the real name of the store.  I was told that the Smashbox eyeshadow primer was really good because it truly intensifies the color of your eyeshadow.  I even tested it out on my hand and it really does showcase the color. So of course I brought it immediately because that’s what make up addicts do lol. Below you will find links to the items.

Below you will find links to the items.

Concealer (4.0)


Brow Definer (Chocolate)


MAC Paint Pot (Layin Low)


Eyeshadow Primer








OOTD Comedy Night

My bestfriend and I went to the Katt Williams show tonight and I dicided to go for a look that was simple and classic.  So of course I wore my favorite color which is black but what I love about this outfit is that I got to show off my beautiful shoulders.  I never realized how sexy showing off your shoulders could be. It’s honestly one of my favorite body parts now.  So you know what that means! It’s time go shopping for some off the shoulder clothes now!




Necklaces-I got from a Miami flea market