The One Item That Changed My Life: Nipple Covers

I always hated the fact that my nipples always appear through my shirt no matter the thickness of the material.  It doesn’t even have to be cold outside, they will appear through my shirt in 100-degree weather.  I’ve even tried wearing a bra with thicker material and that didn’t even work.  It’s absolutely embarrassing when somebody points out that my nipples are poking through my shirt as if I don’t even know this already.  I been living with these boobs for 30 years so of course I know there poking through my shirt but lucky for me I found the one item that fixed all my problem and hopefully it can help you too!

I know you always hear me talking about amazon but if I don’t know where to find something that is always the first place I look so of that was the first place I checked.  I simply typed in “nipple covers” in the search box and “wala”!!!  Nipple covers appeared!  So I immediately ordered them and waited patiently for them to come in the mail.  Once they came, I tried them out and I’ve been addicted ever since so I no longer have to worry about my nipples poking through my shirt.

Below you will find a link to the ones I ordered on Amazon and few other places you can find nipple covers.  I would also recommend buying a few pair because I have lost a few sets in the past.

Nipple Covers


Great Jackets for Fall From Zara



Short Faux Fur Jacket










Trend Report: Chokers


Satin Choker


River Island Wrap Bow Choker


ASOS Summer Seedbead Choker Necklace


ASOS CURVE Basic Velvet Choker Necklace


Johnny Loves Rosie Aria Gold & Black Choker


3 Ways To Wear A Lace Skirt


Bodysuit + Lace Skirt + Heels = Dinner Date Outfit


Tank Top + Lace Skirt + Jacket + Bold Necklace + Heels = Work Outfit


Crop Top + Lace Skirt + Choker + Heels = Girls Night Out Outfit

iStick Pico + The Milkman

I was introduced to vaping a year and a half ago and I’ve been loving it ever since. Prior to vaping I was a fan of going to hookah bars and hookahing it up with my friends but now I’ll just carry my vape with me and vape wherever I go.  A couple months ago I had lost my vape at the bar and had to stop for a while because I couldn’t afford a new one.  When I recently took a mini vacation to Virginia Beach, I brought a new one since my mom said she would go half with me on the price.  Of course I fell in love with vaping all over again lol.  When I eventually run out of the vape juice, I had to make a quick run to the local vape shop in Maryland.  I was so excited to see that they got some new vape juice.  There was one vape juice that really stood out to me because the packaging was so cute.  The name of this particular vape juice is “The Milkman” and the vape juice is placed inside a little white milk carton box.  Its was sooooo cute and what I love best about it is that not only did the packaging look good but it tasted good too!!!

The Best Summer Sneakers


My favorite thing about the summer time is being able to conveniently throw on a quick pair of flip flops or sandals. But every once and awhile you’ll come across those days when your toe nails polish starts chipping and you can’t throw on those flip flop like you want too. Or maybe you have a really cute outfit and want to throw on something trendy to make your outfit stand out but can’t figure out what to pust on. Well the best way to solve both of those problems is by throwing on a cool pair of sneakers.  Below you will find some of the best sneakers that can be worn in the summer, for any occasion.


The Basic Sneaker- Nike



The Trendy Sneaker- Adidas



The Classic Sneaker- Converse





The Household Item That Everyone Needs

If you haven’t gotten one already, you need to get one as soon as possible! I am the type of gal that doesn’t like to iron her clothes but I will if I have too.  I dislike the process of taking out the ironing board, unfolding the board, adding the water, setting the temperature, waiting for it to warm up, and finally ironing the clothes!  It’s just too much work for me so I figured I’d  try something else and brought a travel size steamer from

I had never used a steamer before in my life and wasn’t sure if the process was actually easier or harder than ironing my clothes. I was so excited to find out that the steaming process was much easier and took up less of my time.  I honestly haven’t used an iron since purchasing my steamer.  It has been a great investment and in the near future I plan on buying a bigger steamer that is even more user friendly than the travel size steamer that I have now.

Here are a few steamers that I recommend below.

Travel size steamer

traval 2.jpgtraval 1

Heavy Duty Steamer

heavy duty steamer

heavy duty steamer 1.jpg

Summer Trend: Off The Shoulder Tops

This is literally my favorite trend for the summer.  I love a good off the shoulder shirt.  I honestly didn’t realized how much I love my shoulders until I wore my first one this past spring.  I felt so elegant and sexy all at the same time.  If you haven’t tried out this trend yet, please do ASAP!  You will fall in love with it!

white puff

White Puff Sleeve Off-the-shoulder Self-tie Front Blouse


Multicolor Striped Off The Shoulder Half Sleeve Blouse


White Off The Shoulder Knotted Top


Grey Long Sleeve Off The Shoulder Knotted Blouse


Multicolor Striped Off The Shoulder Bell Sleeve Blouse


Blue Long Sleeve Style Off The Shoulder Blouse

blue lines

Blue Striped Off The Shoulder Tie Cuff Blouse

Weekly Food Prep: Shrimp and Chicken Stir Fry


Chicken Strips

Stir Fry Sauce



Seasoning (Ms. Dash and black pepper)

Place shrimp into the skillet and cook at a mid/high temperature. Add seasoning and place cover over skillet while it continues to cook.  Stir shrimp every couple of minutes.

Cut chicken strips into little pieces and follow the same steps used to cook the shrimp.

Plate shrimp and chicken in 2 separate dishes.

Place vegetables into skillet and steam them by placing a cover over it.

Add chicken, shrimp, and stir fry sauce into the skillet and cook for an additional 5 minutes.

Once it has finished cooking, your food will be ready for prepping.

Affordable Dress For Any Occassion

I love this dress! It literally can be worn for any occasion.  I love how the material is light enough for summer but not so thin that it looks cheap.  My favorite part about this dress is the long split in the back.  I feel like it adds a little bit of sexiness to it and of course I love the price, which happens to only be $16.00.  Here’s a link to the dress below.

Dress- Boohoo

Sandals -Rainbow