My Weekly Food Prep Plan: Salad Addition

I have been super MIA these pasts 2 weeks because I recently started a new full time and part time job at the same time.   Even though I’m enjoying both of my new jobs, I’ve been too busy to do anything else.  Once I finally got a day off from my part time job, I decided to restock on my food for the week so off to the grocery store I went!!!

My grocery list for the week:

Crab meat

Chicken Strips

Steak Strips

Boiled eggs

Pre cut lettuce

1 onion

1 bell pepper

Cherry tomatoes


Salad Dressing


I like to take a small handfull of meat and place it in sandwich bags.  My meat of choice this week was chicken, steak, and crab.  I tried something new with my packaging this week and decided to place 1 boiled egg into a meat bag.  This prevented me from using additional bags.


I cut up all the vegetables than wash them separately.  I layered them into a mason jar by placing the hardest vegetables at the bottom and the softer vegetable at the top.


I placed 2 tbsp of salad dressing (actually I used a little bit more than 2 tbsp lol, I love extra dressing) into a small container.  My dressing of choice this week was a thousand island, balsamic vinaigrette, and garlic ranch.


Mason Jar

Sandwich Bags

Small containers





Estée Lauder Makeup Remover

 I always like to try new product especially if they come highly recommended.  I recently had a coworker tell me about Estée Lauders “Perfectly Clean Triple Action.”  It’s a cleaners, toner, and makeup remover all compiled up into one bottle.  So far I really like it, I just wish it removed my Mascara a little bit better. I honestly always run into this issue so I just finally came to the conclusion that needed to buy the Estée Lauder “Take It Away” gentle eye makeup remover and I have to say that I absolutely love it! Your eye makeup will come off so effortlessly with just a few swipes.

I brought these products at the Estée Lauder outlet which is officially known as “The Cosmestic Company Store”. This store carries products that are under the Estée Lauder family which include Mac, Smashbox, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Prescriptives, etc.  Everything in the store is discounted from its original price. You might even find products that are up to 50 percent 0ff and honestly you can’t beat that price anywhere!!!

Listed price for products sold at outlet store:

Estée Lauders “Perfectly Clean Triple Action $22.50 (0riginal price $28.00)

Estée Lauder “Take It Away” gentle eye makeup remover $16.00 (original price $20.00)


Look Of The Day


I went to the Indie Fashion Week workshop in Washington, DC.  It was very enlightening and I was excited to listen to all the stylists, fashion designers, and event coordinators speak on a variety of different subjects at the event. They primarily talked about branding yourself, earning a living as a stylist, and the process to becoming a designer. I definitely plan on attending another one of their events in the future.  You can check out their website at http://indiefashionweekdc.com

What I wore:

Jacket- Zara

Shirt- Forever21



Necklace-Flea market in Miami

Lipstick-Anastasia Beverly Hills (Potion)


Target Shoes: High Heel Sandals for Summer

I went by Target the other day to pick up some groceries and somehow after getting those items, I magically floated to the shoe department.  I didn’t plan on buying anything but after coming across the most amazing shoes, I somehow floated to the cash register to buy those too. Of course I have no regrets about my impulsive decision because I refuse to believe that anything I purchase is a bad purchase lol. So check them out below.





Affordable Tan Boots

I finally got those tan boots that I referred to in my previous post  “Favorite boots for winter”and they’re just as comfortable as the black and grays ones that I brought in New York.