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3 Ways To Wear A Lace Skirt


Bodysuit + Lace Skirt + Heels = Dinner Date Outfit


Tank Top + Lace Skirt + Jacket + Bold Necklace + Heels = Work Outfit


Crop Top + Lace Skirt + Choker + Heels = Girls Night Out Outfit


The Best Summer Sneakers


My favorite thing about the summer time is being able to conveniently throw on a quick pair of flip flops or sandals. But every once and awhile you’ll come across those days when your toe nails polish starts chipping and you can’t throw on those flip flop like you want too. Or maybe you have a really cute outfit and want to throw on something trendy to make your outfit stand out but can’t figure out what to put on.  Well the best way to solve both of those problems is by throwing on a cool pair of sneakers.  Below you will find some of the best sneakers that can be worn in the summer, for any occasion.


The Basic Sneaker- Nike



The Trendy Sneaker- Adidas



The Classic Sneaker- Converse






Summer Trend: Off The Shoulder Tops

This is literally my favorite trend for the summer.  I love a good off the shoulder shirt.  I honestly didn’t realized how much I love my shoulders until I wore my first one this past spring.  I felt so elegant and sexy all at the same time.  If you haven’t tried out this trend yet, please do ASAP!  You will fall in love with it!

white puff

White Puff Sleeve Off-the-shoulder Self-tie Front Blouse


Multicolor Striped Off The Shoulder Half Sleeve Blouse


White Off The Shoulder Knotted Top


Grey Long Sleeve Off The Shoulder Knotted Blouse


Multicolor Striped Off The Shoulder Bell Sleeve Blouse


Blue Long Sleeve Style Off The Shoulder Blouse

blue lines

Blue Striped Off The Shoulder Tie Cuff Blouse


Affordable Dress For Any Occassion

I love this dress! It literally can be worn for any occasion.  I love how the material is light enough for summer but not so thin that it looks cheap.  My favorite part about this dress is the long split in the back.  I feel like it adds a little bit of sexiness to it and of course I love the price, which happens to only be $16.00.  Here’s a link to the dress below.

Dress- Boohoo

Sandals -Rainbow


Great Lunch Date Outfit OOTD

Shirt- HM

Pants- HM

Shoes- Target


Great Outfit for Brunch OOTD

Shirt- HM

Pant- HM

Shoes- Target

Hat- HM

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How To Build Your Own Closet

If you know me than you know that I am nowhere close to being a handyman but I do know how to work my area at whatever tasks I am trying to accomplish. Last year around my birthday my closet broke and of course I was absolutely devastated.  The thought of doing measurements and buying heavy duty equipment to put in a new closet just exhausted me so instead I decided to search for other options.  Once I started my search for this new closet, I honestly wasn’t sure what I was looking for exactly.  I just knew that I needed something to hang all my clothes on.  I figured the best place to begin my search was Ikea.  At first I wasn’t exactly finding anything that I wanted and everything that I did like was out of my price range or too bulky to put in my room.  Towards the end of my search, I happen to come across a very unique set.  It was a closet that consisted of little small units that could be built into whatever type of closet of your desire.  I fell in love with this set instantly, especially since it was so affordable.  I ended up buying 12 different units.  I used 6 of those units to replace my closet that broke and used the other 6 units to create a closet that stands against a wall in my room.  The process to put these 2 closets together was very easy and it didn’t take long to do.  I was very satisfied with the end results.

Below you will find a few pictures of my work.


You can find these units by clicking on the links below:

Frame with 3 wire baskets

Frame with clothes rail, white

Small wire Baskets

Large wire baskets

I also wanted to mention that these units can be built to look like whatever you desire.  This design just worked best for my closet.  It’s kinda similar to those LEGO toys all the kids like to play with considering that you can build it to look like whatever you want!

Here are some other designs below:


Affordable Pants for Work

On Mother’s day weekend I went into HM to look for my mom a mother’s day gift and luckily I found some beautiful sun dresses. After finding my mom gift, I decided to do a little shopping for myself lol even though I’m on a serious budget smh.  I came across these cute pants that I thought would be amazing for work.  I recently been trying to update my work wardrobe but honestly I don’t have the budget to splurge on expensive items.  Lucky for me these pants were only $14.99.  Yes, you heard me correctly!  14.99!!!   The price for these pants was soooo good!  I couldn’t resist myself; I had to buy at least all the cute ones lol.

Below you will find a few pictures of my purchases and here’s a direct link to the items below (HM pants)



These are a few more other prints that I purchased from the HM store.