Black Friday Purchases

I spent my Black Friday shopping for new work clothes and honestly I am so happy with my purchases.  I racked up on blazers, button ups, trousers, and tops.  My focus was to buy a variety items in different colors.

My first stop was HM.  I actually went there two days before black Friday and picked up 5 buttons up shirts for $15 which was good because the original price is $20.  Honestly every year on black Friday they always have this item discounted so remember this when you need to restock on work shirts.


Top from HM

My second stop was Zara, which had 30% off everything in the store!  I went their during my lunch break at work on Black Friday to look around but of course I ended up buying a few items that caught my eye.  I found two classic blazers that were a little out of my price range but I decided to purchase them because I never invested in nice work blazers in years. I also got to pair of trousers that I had been eyeing for months.


Blazer from Zara


Trousers from Zara

On Cyber Monday I got some turtle necks tops (in a variety of different colors) and 2 pair of striped pants from Forever 21 and I feel like I got soooo much stuff for absolutely nothing because everything was 30%.


Turtleneck from Forever21


Trouser from Forever21

Even though Black Friday was over by December, I decided to see if I could find some more deals at the mall. Fortunately I did found a deal at Old Navy! I ended up getting some great Trouser that ranged from $22-25.  I literally brought 10 pairs lol.


Trouser from Old Navy




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