How To Update Your Fall Wardrobe

When it comes to your work attire I recommend selecting items three different ways.  I only recommend this method because sometimes you might want to update your work wardrobe but don’t know exactly which directions you want to go in.  Well for the fall season I’m going to give you three different categories to choose from which I like to call “BPT” (Black, Pop, Trends).

  • Black stands for all black attire
  • Pop stands for a pop of color
  • Trends stand for trendy items that either have a cute print or unique design but definitely not too extreme for work.

I’m pretty sure you already have some of these items in your closet.  I just simply recommend that you go through your wardrobe and see which one of the items you don’t have and if you’re interested in updating for fall wardrobe, just add items in from one of these 3 categories to your wardrobe.

Black Dress


Black dress#1


Black dress #2

black dress 4.jpg

Black dress #3

Pop Dresses


Pop dress #1


Pop dress #2


Pop dress #3

Trendy Dresses


Trendy dress #1


Trendy dress #2


 Trendy dress #3




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