The One Item That Changed My Life: Nipple Covers

I always hated the fact that my nipples always appear through my shirt no matter the thickness of the material.  It doesn’t even have to be cold outside, they will appear through my shirt in 100-degree weather.  I’ve even tried wearing a bra with thicker material and that didn’t even work.  It’s absolutely embarrassing when somebody points out that my nipples are poking through my shirt as if I don’t even know this already.  I been living with these boobs for 30 years so of course I know there poking through my shirt but lucky for me I found the one item that fixed all my problem and hopefully it can help you too!

I know you always hear me talking about amazon but if I don’t know where to find something that is always the first place I look so of that was the first place I checked.  I simply typed in “nipple covers” in the search box and “wala”!!!  Nipple covers appeared!  So I immediately ordered them and waited patiently for them to come in the mail.  Once they came, I tried them out and I’ve been addicted ever since so I no longer have to worry about my nipples poking through my shirt.

Below you will find a link to the ones I ordered on Amazon and few other places you can find nipple covers.  I would also recommend buying a few pair because I have lost a few sets in the past.

Nipple Covers


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