New Years Fit


 New Year’s Eve was amazing!!! My best friend and I went to church and brought in the new year at Mt. Ennon Baptist church.  The sermon was awesome and just hearing that powerful word really did uplift my spirit.  I haven’t been to church on New Year’s Eve for a long time and I definitely don’t plan on making it the last. Definitely one of the best New Year’s I had in a long time.

I decided to go for a look that was very simple and chic.  My shoe’s and jeans our from forever 21 and my turtle neck is from HM. I got my vest from Plato’s Closet which is a very good spot to get trendy secondhand clothes for some of the most amazing prices.  This entire outfit is very affordable and any girl looking for something to wear for honestly any occasion should try out this look.  Hope you enjoyed your New Year’s as much as I did and I wish you a very great year in 2016.


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